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Calibration is the comparing of an unknown measurement device against an equal or better standard. A standard in a measurement is considered the reference; it is the one in the comparison taken to be the more correct of the two. One calibrates to find out how far the unknown is from the standard.

The device with the known or assigned correctness is called the standard. The second device is the unit under calibration (UUC), test instrument (TI), or any of several other names for the device being calibrated


Reliable offers calibration services in different categories like:

  • Electrical- Fluke's Multifunction Calibration System-9100, Fluke's reference multimeter of 8 & 1/2 digits-8508A for calibration of analog/digital instruments for AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance and capacitance parameters.


Thermal- Calibration of analog/ digital controllers, dial thermometers, glass thermometers, RTDs and various types of thermo-couples from ambient to 1000°C temperature range.


Pressure & Vacuum- Calibration of industrial pressure / vacuum gauges, test gauges, master gauges, pressure transducers for the range from vacuum to 600 kgf/sq cm.


Mass & Volume- With E-2 class weights and electronic balance of 1µg readability up to 5 g and 0.01 mg readability up to 200 g for calibration of balances and weights, volumetric glass wares like volumetric flasks, cylinders, pipettes, micropipettes and burettes. Range covered 1mg to 5 Kg.


Various test equipments like UV-VIS spectrophotometers, pH meter, Nephalometer, Conductivitymeter etc.


Reliable conducts the calibration and subsequent measurements "traceable" to internationally defined measurement units.

Reliable issues all its calibration certificates with Measurement uncertainty at specified confidence level as per international guidelines.

Team of our engineers involved in calibration activities are well trained, experienced and Reliable is accredited by NABL as per ISO: 17025-2005 for its calibration activities.

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