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With the changing scenario, awareness about the quality of water which can have crucial effects and long lasting influence on our health controls of checking of water plays very important role. RELIABLE undertakes the sensory, physical, chemical and microbiological analysis of water for following specifications:

Categories Tests

Packaged Drinking Water

Packaged Natural Mineral Water

Drinking Water/ Raw water

Water for Food Industry

Reagent Grade Water

Water for Swimming Pools

Water for Pharmaceutical Industry

Water for Irrigation

Water for Construction

Effluent/ sewage water

Pesticides residue

Heavy metals

Microbiological detection

Physical tests

Sensory tests

Chemical tests



Other miscellaneous tests

Packaged Drinking Water as per is: 14543
Natural Mineral Wateras per is: 13428
Packing Materials as per is: 15410 & 15609

For water manufacturing units, at the time of application for BIS license, following samples are to be tested and RELIABLE is there to cater to your needs.

  • Raw water as per IS:10500

Finished water as per IS:14543/IS:13428

Packing Materials


Bottles, cups, glasses and Jars as per IS:15410


Pouches and Films as per IS:15609


After grant of license from BIS, RELIABLE serves you with its reliable, accurate and timely test results for

  • Monthly tests

Six monthly tests

Pesticides Residue


Quarterly Raw water and Packing materials testing


Reliable offers cost effective services as a package, where clients can get their yearly testings done as per STI under one roof. Under yearly services, manufacturers get trustworthy testing with regular monitoring of product samples by our well trained staff, with a special facility for sample collection and report dispatch along with technical support for improvements in finished product.

Improved methods of analysis with the prospect of faster and cost effective services targeted to meet the needs of its clients, its quality standards and continual above average performance in International Proficiency testing programmes to compare its results with world's leading laboratories, puts Reliable in a position of excellence and great trust.

Water for Food & Pharmaceutical Industry:

With growing needs of the client and to verify the purity of water used in food and pharmaceutical industries, RELIABLE is a dependable and competent partner with a strong customer focus and extensive scientific expertise based on practical experience.

Reliable's name is associated with customer support and unsurpassed services.

Water for Swimming Pools:

To cater to the growing needs of customer, tourism and hotel industry needs to maintain international standards for the water quality of swimming pools. Improper use of chemicals may result in skin and hair problems of the swimmers. With its awareness and understanding, RELIABLE offers its customers a deeper interpretation of test results.

reliable also undertakes the analysis of water used for different sectors like construction, irrigation, storage batteries, fermentation industry, ice manufacturers, cooling towers etc.


Reliable assists customers from around the country to train their technical personnel for chemical and microbiological parameters for water used for different industries. With its team of dedicated scientists, RELIABLE is a nationally respected center for training and excellence in practical performance of tests which directly contribute to improve the analytical capabilities.

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